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Fit is critical to personal style but clothing sizes are not standardized

I am very passionate about how clothes fit me - the fit determines how I look and feel.

But the fashion industry has not done justice to standardizing clothing sizes. A medium size in one brand could be as big as a large in another brand. Even for a certain size, one part of a shirt may fit better than another part; for example, the shoulder might fit snugly but the sleeves might be too long.

So we gravitate towards a few brands we know best

I remember walking into the store of one of my favorite brands, ready to add some new shirts to my wardrobe. Wanting to try on the new slim fit line, I asked the associate for help. Much to my dismay, the associate could not find a single shirt for me to try on in that fit—in the entire store. It was then I realized that, with shrinking inventories across the board in brick-and-mortar stores, online shopping was the way to go.

But that too comes with its own set of challenges. What if it shows up at my door and doesn’t fit the way I expected? Do I order multiple sizes and send back the ones that don’t fit? These two equally bleak options were backing me into a corner where I was stuck buying a narrow set of styles that were quickly going out of fashion.

So, I set out to make the experience of online clothes shopping better.

With Rackery, there's an easy way to discover clothes and brands without sacrificing fit.

Rackery’s development has been guided by three rules: that it use readily available technology; that it be easy to use, and that it let shoppers search through and discover a wide variety of brands. On that foundation, we have built advanced algorithms to help find the right clothes according to fit—across over 80 brands, labels, and retailers, with more being added regularly.

Since I began working on Rackery, I have discovered new brands and fits previously unknown to me. Now my wardrobe has more variety, and my style stays up-to-date.

I sincerely hope Rackery helps you the way it has helped me.

Raghu Murali, Founder

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