Frequently Asked Questions

Rackery is an application designed to help you find the best-fitting clothes from around the web.

Rackery is entirely free to use. If you choose to buy an item from one of the brands that appears in your search, you will have to buy it from their website (don’t worry, we provide you with a direct link).

Rackery is currently available through your web browser at rackery.com or as an app for phones running iOS.

Currently you will have to use a browser to access Rackery from an Android device; we are in the process of developing an android app which should be available in the later part of this year.

Using Rackery is simple! After you have signed up with your e-mail and password, tell us a little about yourself by answering a few easy questions. Then provide us your measurements and start shopping!

Rackery uses advanced algorithms to match your body measurements with clothes made for those measurements. The closer the match, the better the fit rating.

The fit rating is Rackery’s way of recommending what items will fit you best based on the measurements you enter. The higher the rating an item is assigned, the better the chances are that it will fit you perfectly.

To take your own measurements, use our handy guide.

For Male - (How to measure - Guide)

For Female - (How to measure - Guide)

Rackery has the following categories available: a) women’s dresses and b) men’s dress shirts, casual shirts, and polos. There are plans to add more categories in the future.

Yes! Simply enter the profile to reflect who you are searching the items for. In a future version of Rackery, you will be able to save multiple profiles in your account.

Rackery has an extensive database from which it pulls data about brands’ measurements and fits. While the database does not cover every brand right now, we are working to introduce more brands all the time, so be on the lookout for new additions! Please feel free to suggest brands that you would like to see on Rackery.

Rackery takes fit and measurements into account when providing search results.

Rackery is an independent and separate entity from the brands and retailers that appear as results.

We would love to hear from you! Please e-mail services@rackery.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.